Easy to Use

You won’t have to write a single line of code to implement your app. (We do, however, support student learning and can allow your students to program unique features!)


Revenue Generating

Multiple advertising products, including our unique location-based mobile coupon and promotion platform. Your students will never forget their coupons at home again!


Unparalleled Support

You aren’t in this alone. Get ongoing technical support, sales training, marketing material and more. We also retrain your team each year when a new staff transitions in!

Solutions that drive business results

The mobile digital age is not going away, leaving publishers the choice to either adapt or surrender. But as quickly as technology is changing, how can college publishers afford to dedicate their valuable resources on technology development, or rely on students for core products when the students transition each year? The answer is they can't.

Luckily, they don't have to with a trusted partner in iCampusTimes. Built for ease, innovation, affordability and scale, let us show you why you do not have to surrender to the digital age!

The first step to getting started is just reaching out.


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    We welcome our newest clients!

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